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Dayna would love to bring her informative, interactive and relatable topics to your next meeting. Her presentations can be customized to fit the needs of your event and she will promote your event through multiple social media channels. She loves to interact with the crowd and has presented to audiences of 20 to 300. Your audience will enjoy her fun personality and take away ideas that can be implemented immediately.

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The Top Three Battles Between the Front and the Back


When there is turmoil between the front office and the back office, your patients can feel it. They can sense the tug-of-warfrustration and see it on your face when you’re disappointed in one of your team members or even your doctor. Together, let’s set standards in your office so that patients walk away feeling like your office is a well-oiled machine and you go home at night feeling fantastic instead of frustrated.

In this interactive, fun course, team members will experience how it feels when things break down and together look at solutions that can strengthen the respect within so at the end of the day, everyone feels good. We’ll look at things from the clinical and administrative side in this fast-moving course. Attendees will walk away from this course with some tools and system strategies they can implement on their first day back in the office.



  • Identify the daily challenges that affect team performance, productivity and patient care
  • Dissect each battle and learn how to create systems the entire team can agree on
  • Learn how to put these systems in place and attain cohesiveness in your team
  • Practice verbal skills that will create better communication between your team members and build trust with your patients
  • Discover how every team member can feel valued at the end of the day



  • Sample verbal skills to take back to the office and practice with your team
  • Tips to use with your practice management software

Path to Paperless

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Dayna takes the intimidation factor out of the transition to electronic health records with her Dentistry’s Path to Paperless presentation. The presentation takes a seemingly overwhelming topic and breaks it down into simple, understandable action steps, made relatable with real life stories drawn from Dayna’s consulting and training work with dental offices around the country.

The Dentistry’s Path to Paperless presentation can be customized to meet the needs of your program and timeframes – from a one-hour study club meeting to a six-hour full-day seminar event.

What your attendees will learn

  • Foundations of a paperless practice – Is it difficult to even think about where to start or what you need? Dayna will help you make a list of the questions to ask, evaluate how much training you will need and advice on avoiding the common pitfalls.
  • How to create the infrastructure and maintain a cohesive technology plan – Many dental practices have pieced their technology together over time. Dayna will show attendees how to maximize their current technology, manage the technology inventory and bring the “wow factor” for patients.
  • Learn how to develop efficient, consistent and secure systems so the entire team is happy – It is frightening how many dental practices don’t know who handles their backup or what they would do to recover after a disaster. Together let’s create peace of mind for the doctors.  A common misconception among dental team members is it takes too long to document using a computer. Dayna will show attendees how to streamline the process so the clinical team stays on time and provide valuable information to their admin team.

Show Me the Money

I am amazed how often the doctor doesn’t know what the accounts receivable is for his practice and when he asks the office manager she doesn’t even know what report to look at. Dayna will help attendees discover how to define new protocols in the practice that will increase cash flow, prepare patients for payment at the time of service and put the practice in the driver seat with insurance companies. This hands on interactive course will help attendees understand what it takes to be in control of the money in the practice.

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Participants will Learn

  • Participants will learn:
    • Define exactly what the accounts receivable is
    • Discover if the office A/R is within industry standards
    • Learn how to take control with insurance
      • Create clinical narratives that get paid on the first submission
      • Learn a system for eClaims management and take back control
    • Train patient behavior
      • Set the expectations on the 1st phone call
      • Asking for payment on the day of the appointment
    • Establish a follow up plan if the patient “forgets their checkbook”

    Participants will take away:

    • Language skills for the new patient phone call
    • Sample insurance narratives to improve 1st time payment
    • Sample collection letters
    • Customized time line for phone calls, letters and follow up

Numbers Tell a Story

Breaking down the 5 Stats Every Office Should Monitor . . . and why

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Monitoring numbers doesn’t mean you write them down on your spreadsheet, stick them in a 3-ring binder and forget about them. Numbers are meant to be discussed with your doctor, talked about with your team and used to create new strategies to streamline your systems, improve your customer service and above all give you something to celebrate.  Numbers tell a story.

What your attendees will learn

  • Discover the statistical health of your practice
    • Poll the audience and discuss the results as a group
  • Learn why you should monitor numbers
    • Ask the audience for their opinions
    • Discover the six reasons why monitoring numbers will increase your office profitability, save time and improve patient care
  • Learn what numbers you should be tracking
    • Learn the top 5 stats to monitor
    • We will break down each one and find out why they are so important
    • Learn strategies that work to help improve your numbers
  • How do you track the numbers?
    • Streamline your monitors which will save you time with manual calculations
    • Examine some sample monitors together and analyze them
  • The health of your practice depends on the numbers
    • Learn how to influence the numbers in a positive way
    • Learn what you can do today to positively impact your practice today


Medical Billing or Bust

CLICK HERE to download the Medical Billing in the Dental Practice Speaker Packet.

In our evolving world of technology, EHR, and code changes, it can be overwhelming trying to keep up with it all. This course will give you an overview into the world of medical/dental cross coding and billing. Today’s current dental and medical coding allows for dental providers to help patients tap into their medical benefits and provide some financial assistance for treatment.

What your attendees will learn

  • Learn what it takes to have medical necessity and document it
  • A medical narrative compared to a dental narrative
  • Discover the wonderful world of ICD-10
  • Together we will define the language of the medical claim form
  • Learn proper setup in your practice management software to help ensure claims payment success
  • Prepare the patient insurance for proper claims submission
  • Helpful tips for getting paid
  • Recognize that a medical claim is not a dental claim … and if you treat them the same, you will get burned

During this course attendees will have the opportunity to fill out a sample ADA claim form with proper documentation. Also, the Dentrix cross-coding CD will be available for purchase.

Dentrix courses available customized to your audience

  • Treatment Planning and Case Presentation
  • A/R Management
  • Continuing Care
  • Clinical Documentation


*Dayna’s presentation does not constitute legal advice and is for informational purposes only.