Online Communities

igniteda-logo Welcome to IgniteDA, a community designed to empower dental assistants. Our mission at IgniteDA is for you, the amazing dental assistants throughout the United States, to connect with each other and learn from each other. There is power in numbers, and IgniteDA believes in the power of the dental assistant. You (yes you!) are the heartbeat and the backbone of the dental practice. Without the dental assistant, the dental practice can’t function. If you call in sick, it’s a bad day in the dental practice. Yes, you have power! Our goal at IgniteDA is to help you harness that power and increase it. A happy dental assistant is a content and motivated dental assistant. You’re not alone in the fight. We’re here to help and we believe in you. CLICK HERE for more information   It’s estimated that dental practices only use 15-20 percent of their practice management software. But what if you could increase your Dentrix® knowledge, without ever having to leave your office or home? What if you could become a Dentrix® “super user” and get answers to the questions and issues you struggle with the most? Now you can. At, Dentrix® experts from around the country come together to share their knowledge and learn from each other. Under the direction of Dayna Johnson, who has grown her Dentrix® training business to a global level, is here to make sure your day goes smoothly and to help you increase your skills and comfort with your practice’s software. CLICK HERE to learn how to join

HIPAA and Security Resources

With the threat of random audits increasing, it’s critical that your dental practice be an expert on HIPAA compliance. But HIPAA is time-consuming and requires extensive documentation and policies & procedures. To make matters worse, HIPAA overlaps with your computer network, which adds greater complexity. For all of these reasons, it’s tough to know where to begin.  CLICK HERE for more information  


Safely Send, Receive and Store ePHI with Aspida Mail. Aspida Mail is comprehensive, simple to use and compatible with virtually any network. With Aspida Mail, you only have to include a keyword in order to securely transmit the message. How simple is that? CLICK HERE for more info

Software Solutions

The Dentrix Practice Management Software provides superior front office, clinical and business tools to help your entire team better manage your practice.  Dentrix offers integrated solutions, such as cloud based eBackUp as well as PowerPay EMV for processing credit card payments.  


Learn how Simplifeye can turn wearable technology into an indispensable new tool for your practice—by making real-time information about your patients and schedule available on any Apple Watch or iPhone.  CLICK HERE for more information.


Social Media

Do you find it challenging to come up with things to post up on Facebook? How do you stop, take a picture and then make sure you have a signed consent all while taking care of your patients?  Create a fun and easy social media system in your practice with Banyan.  I love this company and you will love how easy and fun it is to use everyday. CLICK HERE for a free demo


Monthly Management – deal for practices who require monthly social media support. No cookie cutter content. Training – Ideal for practices who want to manage social media themselves and excel while doing it. CLICK HERE to learn more