“Going chartless” is an often-used and often-misunderstood term in the dental world. Dayna’s expertise will allow practices to see benefits such as automated systems that give team members more time to spend on patient care, integrated electronic services to ensure patients know the practice is keeping up with the latest technology, making the patient chart more accessible and allowing the clinical team to treatment plan while the front office can be working ahead on payment plans and insurance issues, raising the level of office security to comply with new HIPAA requirements, and much more.

  • Straightforward Assessment and Action Plan
  • Developing and implementing a paperless
    practice – step by step

    • Efficiency – Practice Management Systems, all team members on the same page
    • Consistency – Clinical Documentation, no more staying late to finish charting
    • Security – HIPAA Security Rule Resources and Risk Management guidelines
    • Office Design Evaluation for increase case acceptance and improved patient flow
    • Computer Hardware Inventory Management
    • Customized Dentrix Training Creating your personal transition timeline and action plan
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At Novonee, we know what you go through every day because all our members have worked or still work in the dental practice. Your entire day revolves around your practice management software and how you maneuver around within it can create stress or eliminate stress. Do you feel like you run out of time in the day and wish for more efficient systems? What if you didn’t dread doing a treatment plan because you knew the numbers were going to be accurate? How would your clinical team feel if they could get their clinical notes written up in the computer before they brought the patient up to the front desk? Since we have all worked in a dental practice, we understand your questions and how these issues affect your happiness in the practice. Think about how amazing life could be if your software didn’t slow you down. That’s the beauty of Novonee. We invite you to become a member of our community today and join Dentrix users from around the country who are learning, sharing, and growing in their careers.

All Star Dental Academy

So what is All-Star Dental Academy, and why should you care?
All Star Dental Academy Logo All-Star Dental Academy is the most comprehensive online scheduling and phone training and certification program for dental practices, utilizing phone service skills and productive scheduling to increase profitability and enhance the patient experience. The program is composed of the best instructors, experts, and contributors in dentistry. It’s all about you – the dentist and the team member.

Our Premise

Simply put, we’ve identified that scheduling and phone training is the fastest and most effective way to a super successful dental practice.

This isn’t said lightly. We recognize the power of unique clinical skills and a well crafted marketing strategy. But you need to understand that the most effective marketing efforts won’t amount to anything if you can’t help a caller convert to an appointment. And without effectively scheduled patients in treatment, even the world’s foremost clinician will be practicing thumb-twiddling rather than patient care.

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All Star Academy

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“All-Star Dental Academy is top-notch training in phone conversion and productive scheduling for dental teams.”
—American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD)


As an Independent Certified Dentrix Trainer, Dayna also offers customized in-office or online Dentrix training. With her extensive dental office management background she can tackle anything from training a new team member to a full sit- down lecture for your entire team.  She will perform a no-cost assessment of your Dentrix software and give you a customized “treatment plan” of your office’s needs.Email Dayna to schedule your in-office Dentrix training.

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